All about: Oribe Airbrush Root Touch Up Spray

I have been insanely busy of late… rushed off my feet with work, school holidays, hospital appointments and every damn thing in between. This has lead to a serious bout of “letting oneself go”, and that at times includes my hair.
I have been long overdue for a colour in what seems like the longest time, and going as dark as I do when my hair is actually a wildly unflattering shade of “light mouse” can prove problematic. My hair has reached that point when I really, really, REALLY should’ve gotten my roots done a week ago (TBH, a month ago), but even trying to think about booking a salon appointment is most likely still two weeks away. Thank the sweet lord then for the invention of Oribe Airbrush Root Touch Up Spray, which has been a godsend since the moment it arrived on my desk.
Already the creator of what feels like a never-ending number of ‘must have’ products, Oribe has now invented the perfect solution for covering up mismatched roots when you’re in-between colour appointments. An ultrafine mist, it uses natural microfine mineral colorants to instantly conceal your true colour, be it silver, grey or black, while soaking up excess dirt and oil. So if you also happen to be in-between shampoos, shhhhhh… because no one has to know. You pretty much spray it on and watch your hair revert back to its former glory before your very eyes… it’s magical. Seriously magical!
Once sprayed on it dries instantly, and hardworking ingredients in the mix include the likes of watermelon, lychee and Edelweiss Flower to protect the hair from photo-aging. Rice starch is in there for mopping up dirt and oil, whilst Copolymer smoothes any coarse grey hairs that may be lurking. It is naturally also fragranced with Oribe’s signature scent, so your hair smells as good as it looks!
Now onto the ‘how to’ part, which is insanely easy. Shake the little bottle well, then lightly spray on your roots until completely concealed. Let the formula dry for one minute, then you are good to go. Perfection. I am not ashamed to say that I hate to wash my hair, and I have gleefully watched this formula stay put on my roots for two days or more. It doesn’t transfer onto clothes or pillowcases either, and to remove, you simply wash it away with your usual shampoo. Too easy huh? And an absolute essential.
Oribe Airbrush Root Touch-Up Spray is available now, NZ RRP $49.00. Call 0800 2525 30 for stockist details. 


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