All about: Arbonne Intelligence CC Cream

Arbonne is most definitely one of those brands that I heard a hell of a lot about way before it hit New Zealand. This was mainly due to countless Instragram spam messages from sellers all over the world asking if I wanted to start flogging the product within my local market, too. They were like a flock of new gen, green smoothie supping Avon ladies, clad head-to-toe in Lululemon and insanely positive about “creating the lifestyle you’ve always wanted… thanks to Arbonne”.
To be honest the whole thing creeped me out a bit, and when I was finally given the chance to try some of the brand’s products I was naturally dubious. Was it all hype and sales figures, or could it actually deliver? I was becoming increasingly curious. When the opportunity came up to test-drive Arbonne's Intelligence CC Cream, I decided to go for it and preconceived notions be damned.
Sold online and through the aforementioned independent consultants, Arbonne’s products are all botanically-based and mostly free of nasty ingredients like formaldehyde, triclosan and parabens. Everything is vegan, made without gluten and allergy-tested too, getting many a ticked box from me. Their range is also vast, and the CC cream is just one of a few Arbonne products I will be test-driving over the next few weeks.
Their Intelligence CC Cream is described as a 10-in-1 "complexion control cream" that provides lightweight, buildable coverage in one time saving product. Like me you’ll be wondering what the ten benefits are, so here you go: it primes, protects the skin's moisture barrier, conceals discolourations, hydrates, mattifies, brightens, covers blemishes, refines pores, soothes and helps perfect your overall complexion. The only thing missing is an SPF - making it really suitable for those with a sunscreen allergy or sensitive skin. Personally, I prefer a built in SPF in my BB/CC options but then I don’t have super sensitive skin and it is already in my moisturiser, so mustn’t quibble.
So, how did it perform? Well it most definitely makes my skin look better – in fact, way better. It evened out redness and pigmentation, smoothed out fine lines with a subtle blur and didn’t highlight any dryness. Love that! It reportedly contains film formers for a longer wear, so after settling in nicely stayed semi matte on my skin for quite a few hours. I found I needed a little bit of powder over my T zone but then again I often do with CC/BB creams, and the dewy finish is super youthful on a not-so-youthful skin.
I have been using the medium shade (it comes in four) and have found after a few applications that for me, less is most definitely more with this product. A little goes a long way, and when applied with a beauty blender the end result is flawless.
So, this beauty from Arbonne comes highly recommended – check out for more.


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