All about: Bobbi Brown's Instant Confidence Stick

Laughter lines. Frown lines. Cry lines. Just-all-too-much lines. All manner of lines. Embrace them, don't fight them I say… but if you can do a little something, something here and there then why not?
You can go down the injectables and retinols route, or the totally cosmetic route in the case of Bobbi Brown’s new Instant Confidence Stick. In the brand’s words: “confidence is everything, but a little skincare can't hurt”, which I think is so very true!
Called “Bobbi’s magic eraser”, this little stick may not look much but it does plenty, and is conveniently portable to boot. The colourless, breathable and ultra-lightweight formula instantly blurs the look of fine lines and wrinkles for a smoother, more lineless look, gliding on easily with zero disruption even over quite heavy makeup. It also feels pretty much weightless, making it comfortable for all-day wear. It’s essentially a new, super lightweight primer that comes at you in a stick. Swivel it up, smooth it on, reap the benefits!
Upon application, the matte (but not chalky), colourless formula helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while creating a natural-skin finish. Its formula includes a triple suspension, peptide complex that creates a soft, breathable blurring layer that helps to instantly smooth the appearance of skin’s texture whatever your skin type. It also has spherical powders in there to diffuse light and help minimise the appearance of fine lines and imperfections, so it works pretty much instantly – and lasts. Oh, and as an added bonus, it works over time to absorb excess oil and control shine. Magical.
You pop it on in the morning after all of your other skincare steps – it really is like a primer – or gently blot on throughout the day as needed to smooth, mattify and absorb oil. Blurring products are nothing new, but until now they've mostly been tricky to use and get right and can only really be used under makeup. This stick makes the concept portable and multi-faceted too, which I love.
I was half expecting this to remove makeup when applied as a touch-up, but I was surprised to find it leaves much of it in place, even more so when I am super careful with the application. I love the fact you can use this under and over makeup, as well as touching-up throughout the day thanks its handbag friendly attributes.
At $76.00 this little guy doesn’t come cheap but by god it works.
Available: 18 July 2016 at all Bobbi Brown Cosmetics counters and at 


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