Love it: the M.A.C Tendertalk Lip Balm collection

Landing next week is the M.A.C. Tender Talk Lip Balm collection, which is both practical and pretty damn cute. It is made up of a series of five "smart lip conditioners" that "create a personalised tint" based on your skin's chemistry. And who doesn’t love a personalised beauty experience? It is about as custom as it gets and is such a throwback moment for a nineties girl like me. Even the holographic packaging is just perfect, and I can tell that one will most definitely not be enough!
As well as being awesomely cool as a concept, the smart lip conditioners are created using a formula that will nourish, hydrate, and condition your pout - and that's on top of its magical power to change its tint. The collection follows the trend of colour-changing products that I have seen popping up left and right of late, but it serves a purpose too i.e. these babies are not just a pretty face! I have been trying mine on its own and on top of a lip filled in with lip pencil, and the hydration properties are next level. In other words: you NEED.
The Tendertalk Lip Balm line up is:
Candy Wrapped (sheer pink)
Pretty Me Up (sheer coral)
Play With Me (sheer red)
Teddy Pink (sheer bright pink)
Side Dish (sheer plum)
They have an RRP of $48.00 and like I said, land next week. Too cute AND they work. Essential.


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