Love it: the Davines Your Hair Assistant collection

I make no secret of the fact that I hate washing my thick, problematic hair – and I hate drying it even more so. I try and book in for a blow wave when my wallet allows, mainly because the professionals take care of it a hell of a lot better than I do – and I get to have some much needed quiet time to boot.
I recently had the opportunity to take a trip to Auckland city salon Ryder for a blow wave from its clever, talented and affable owner, Greg Murrell. The occasion was the release of the Davines Your Hair Assistant collection into New Zealand salons, and I arrived more than ready for a right treat (and some killer products).
Italian sustainable hair brand pioneer Davines and their artistic director Angelo Seminara (above) joined forces to introduce the aforementioned range of products, which are set to become a new hairdressing staple. Your Hair Assistant has reportedly been three years in the making, and sees Seminara taking on the role as the hairdresser’s ‘personal assistant’ by providing a step-by-step guide on how to perfect the blow-dry. The art of the blow dry has been dying since the arrival of more high tech hair tools, but I have to say I always prefer a round brush dry over mermaid waves any day – it last and it gives you the feeling of next level glamour that every woman I know wants! This range helps out the in salon master and the home stylist, with the best result possible top of mind.
Each of the seven distinct products in the range has been specifically designed to work in synergy with the next. Comprised of a shampoo, two nourishing conditioners (depending on your hair type), a blow-dry primer (which Seminara singles out as the hero product), volume creator (and brush), definition mist and hairspray, the line is naturally sulphate and paraben free, wrapped in carbon neutral Zero Impact packaging and infused with top quality ingredients. In addition, the beautifully delicate fragrance - a bouquet of jasmine and mint from what I can tell  - adds that extra little bit of a organic luxe synonymous with the Davines range.

The range contains a multitude of brilliant products and they are designed to be used together, but my favourites thus far are:
* The Prep Shampoo
Beautiful to use, this hydrating and nourishing shampoo gently cleans the hair, removes styling residue and leaves the hair feeling soft and light, ready for the next step. And it foams like a DREAM. You apply it evenly by performing a gentle massage and then rinse. Repeat application if needed (I do due to dry shampoo build up, the natural result of hating washing one’s hair) before you apply the most suitable conditioner for your hair type.
* The Volume Creator (above)
A fine texturising and mattifying powder, this is the product you never knew you needed. But you do, and ASAP. It creates volume while giving hair structure and consistency, and protecting the blow-dried hair from humidity. The formula is all natural, obtained from micronised coconut and bamboo powder reduced to tiny particles. It is used with the Volume Creator Brush, which was specifically designed for a precise and controlled application of the powder as it is cleverly released through the brush. Awesome. You apply it directly to the root area where you want to create volume and texture, and even on lengths and ends to add texture if you want a more on trend loook.
* The Blowdry Primer
A bodifying tonic with an anti-humidity effect for all hair types, this provides texture and protection against heat and humidity, enhancing the natural shine of the hair and reducing the blow-drying time. It is an essential support for creating the state-of-the-art blow-dry and it can be used with all hot tools and yep, it works. Brilliant. 

This collection is in salon now and ripe for the picking - book in for one of the looks created in conjunction with it below and go forth with beautiful hair.


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