All about: R+Co’s Analog Cleansing Foam Conditioner

I love a two-for-one product, a clever little multtitasker even more so. I also love a gimmick and a timesaver, and one of the latest waves (pardon the pun) of products to be unleashed in the haircare world is most definitely in that category.
So yes, the time has come to talk about co-washing and cleansing conditioners. Chances are you've probably heard of them at one point or another, as they've gained mass popularity internationally over the past couple of years but have yet to really break through in the local market. What started as a process mainly embraced by those with curly or textured hair is expanding to a wider range of strand types, and the first flood of goodies that I know of has just hit New Zealand.
So what is a cleansing conditioner, exactly? Well, it's not a shampoo, but not yet a conditioner. Confused? Let me simplify matters for you… It's made for cleansing (obviously), just like shampoo, but without the harsh sulfates, detergents, or chemicals typically found in one. It's formulated in a way that leaves the hair and scalp feeling clean, but not stripped, and with an added moisturising element. Co-washing – or conditioning washing – is haircare using these delicate wonders, preventing colour fade and not stripping hair of its natural oils. Love that!
The latest I have tried is R+Co’s Analog Cleansing Foam Conditioner, a marvellous wee multitasking formula that thoroughly cleans and hydrates hair without weighing it down, It’s made with argan oil, to nourish and soften hair, horsetail extract to strengthen and smooth, and antioxidant-rich green tea to protect strands and add shine. This gentle formula works with all hair types too - and is naturally ideal for coarse, dry, or colour-treated hair.
I initially used R+Co’s Analog Cleansing Foam Conditioner for one week to give it a jolly good go, and the timesaving factor when you have hair like mine was insane. I was intrigued by the shape of the bottle and dispenser from the get go as it looked exactly like a can of mousse, not to mention the texture which was distinctly fluffy, also like mousse. And, it smelled delicious. Bring it on I thought, and proceeded to work a small amount into my wet hair massaging from roots to ends. Then rinse. Too easy!
The first wash was quite the revelation. The formula went on so smoothly it almost felt like butter; I could feel my hair getting softer by the second. My hair is a complicated beast too, in that it is fine but in abundance with pretty oily roots. This means it tends to lay flat and lack volume, but my ends need a little love as I like to keep it long. When I find a product that moisturises but doesn’t weight things down I immediately fist pump the sky, and when it works as fast as this one I most definitely rejoice. I think it will be an absolute godsend for travel too as it’s basically all there in one can, making packing light and wash time abroad that much less of a big deal.

So there you have it! This beauty is highly recommended and available now from an R+Co stockist near you, RRP $48.00


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