Love it: Benefit Hoola Zero Tanlines liquid bronzer

The original Hoola matte bronzer is a veritable beauty icon, and it arrived at a time when it was so difficult to find a good matte, neutral bronzer so it immediately stole my heart. After releasing the award winning, cult favourite 15 years ago, Benefit has now added some new products for face and body to the Hoola Bronzer Family: Benefit Dew the Hoola and Hoola Zero Tanlines, the latter of which I took to Hawaii recently when my skin was in damn good need of a little faux glow.
An all over gel body bronzer with a custom sponge applicator for a hands-free, mess-free, matte-bronze finish, it was the perfect travel companion due to its low maintenance vibe.
When applied correctly (it took me only about two attempts) it really is the most believable year round tan. Transfer-resistant and streak-free, it is a 12-hour “gel” formula that stays put even when the temperature is rising.
It’s paraben, sulfate and phthalate free, and the hands free applicator means you don’t have to go into a wild panic to scrub your palms after application, or deal with accommodating a mitt. Blending is a total breeze, as is multiple applications. Love that!
It is a super smooth, buildable bronze, making it a choice even for the fairer types out there who want to glow like Lily is SI, below. The finish is quite the beauty revelation and hides imperfections whilst leaving you with a flawless matte tan. It dries fast, is lightweight and doesn’t feel sticky at all, so it’s easy to build up layers evenly. You have to use a few layers of product if you have a medium skin-tone like me, but if it didn’t then it would be difficult for lighter skin tones to get a subtle effect so props to Benefit for not making it more pigmented.
It’s true that the Hoola Zero Tanlines body bronzer looks like a self-tanner, but remember that it is definitely not the same. With self-tanners, you have to wait for leave the product on your skin and wash it off for a result that will last for a few days. With the Hoola Zero Tanlines, you immediately have a tanned result but it also comes of immediately after taking a shower.
Last but not least, this bronzer has a gel-like consistency and does not contain any SPF or moisturising effects, so prep well and make sure that if you’re going out in the sun to lather on some sunscreen too.
Benefit Hoola Zero Tanlines is in store now with an RRP $52.00 and comes super highly recommended.


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