Love it: L'Oreal Paris Infallible Matte Lip

As anyone who dips in here regularly would know, I’m always on the search for a bright shiny new lipstick love. Sometimes I’m all about the nude and sometimes I’m all about the pop, with a distinct preference for matte and a love of luxurious.
I must have tried almost every brand under the sun - and often have around 15-20 ‘favourites’ on the go - but one formula I hadn’t tried and was lucky enough to this week is L'Oreal Paris’ incredible new Infallible Matte Lip.
It’s a powdery, long-lasting matte look in high impact colour that just won’t quit, and has a super unusual applicator that actually lets you “design” your matte i.e. gradient to full bright, from ombre to sombre and much more.
These are not your classical lipstick, nor are they even in liquid form. What they are more like is some of the eye shadow pens I have used of late, created out of a powder product texture. You press a button and the lipstick comes forward, the soft sponge at the end helping you apply it on. This means super high pigment with just a few strokes and a velvety finish that you would not get with a classical tube. Furthermore, the oils in the product leave the lips hydrated for over 8 hours, soft and supple to the touch – no chalky, flaky dry smackers round here!
The experts at L’Oreal say to create the appearance of fuller lips in an instant, use two tones to highlight and give depth. As in, apply your favourite shade to the outer edges of your lip and blend gradually into the centre, creating a gradient from dark to light. Leave the inner cushion of your lips lighter or bare to reflect where light would naturally hit for a true ombre effect. Amazing! Another hint is to apply concealer onto your lips before applying Infallible Matte Max for an ombre look with a stronger gradient effect. I am obsessed!
They arrive in store next week with an RRP of $23.99, and come in six shades:
001 Silencio – pale pink
002 Virgin – pink
004 OOPS! I Pink it Again – hot pink
006 Disturbia – orange-based coral
007 Say My Name – red
008 I Gotta Feeling – purple
I want them all! 


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