Love it: Bondi Sands Liquid Gold Dry Tanning Oil

I have been having laser hair removal over the last couple of months at OFF Wax (cannot recommend it enough, life changer!) and one of the stipulations of the treatment is that I’m not allowed to tan my legs. At first I was all, “damn bad timing with summer most firmly here to stay!” then I realised that the simple answer is sticking to the safest tan of all, a faux glow.
I’m a bit of a fake bake connoisseur, and am always up for trying the newest and easiest to use formulas on the market. The latest to have crossed my desk right as I was despairing about a summer in jeans was the really quite Insta-famous Liquid Gold by Bondi Sands.
A dry tanning oil that requires no wash off or walking around with no clothes on while you dry off, I had heard so much about this formula before giving it a go and definitely had high expectations.
The self-tanner has been feted for “gliding on with ease”, being dry to the touch within seconds, developing over eight hours and lasting for a week, which got me excited just for starters. It also requires no washing off, doesn’t leave a sticky feeling or a tanning smell - just the trademark Bondi Sands’ coconut scent. I was intrigued… and quick to try.
The verdict? A winner, but one that needs a teeny tiny bit of getting used to. When you initially apply the ‘dry oil’ it is colourless, which I think will either be a massive hit or miss for some people. When I first gave it a go I had a few streaks on my legs and my ankles went a bit patchy, but overall I was seriously impressed. I feel like practice will definitely make perfect for anyone that tries it over time, and it definitely did for me. I also love the fact that the formula is enriched with Argan oil to hydrate and nourish the skin, meaning it really does last and last with just a few extra top ups of moisturiser every morning.
So yep, highly recommend – and this baby is available right now, with a very reasonable RRP of $24.99. Love it.


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