Love it: Bobbi Brown Eye Opening Mascara

I was once asked by a magazine to name the one beauty product that I had been given at that time that I instantly fell for - hard - and didn’t hesitate before naming Bobbi Brown’s Smokey Eye Mascara. It gives you thicker, fuller, bolder lashes in a single super-saturated stroke, and is as kind as it gets on sensitive, contact lens-sporting peepers like mine. It is super quick to apply - a bonus for crazy busy women like me - and just one coats gives you major colour payoff, mainly due to the fact that the kohl-pigmented mascara delivers high drama thanks to its ability to build volume lash by lash. It has a thicker brush base that evenly combs through eyelashes from roots to ends, while a tapered tip grabs those small, hard-to-reach lashes. The result is dramatically dark, doll-like lashes in - quite literally - the blink of an eye, and it lasts and lasts. I was an instant convert and still am today. I can’t get enough of the stuff.
Having said that, just before Christmas I was sent Bobbi’s latest lash loving release, which comes in the form of Eye Opening Mascara (I do love a no nonsense name, seriously). It is high impact and high drama for sure, and I was an instant fan. The blackest of carbon black and with a formula that lasts, Brown describes it as “OMG, wow”, and I couldn’t have put it better myself!
Key to its effect is a seriously jumbo brush that carefully fans and pushes lashes up and out, while the rich, formula intensely thickens, curls and lifts lashes all day for the ultimate eye opening effect. Your lashes are pretty much doubled, and then some! Pigment enhancing Polymeric Resins and Acacia Senegal Gum (a natural binding agent) are in there to maintain your lashes’ heightened curl effect, and also prevent flaking and smudging for up to eight hours (and I’ve tested it, on New Year’s Eve no less).
And despite all of this major product pay off, it is super easily removed with warm water and cleanser. Magic!
This beauty is on counter a week today for RRP$57.00, and I say definitely don’t delay. 


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