All about: FABY’s clever new nail care treatments

At the beginning of December I had to go into hospital for surgery, and plum done forgot that I could not do so with nail polish on – in my case, gel nail polish of the very durable but hella difficult to remove alone type! I get mine applied and removed by the amazingly talented Kiely at Leah Light Nails & Beauty in Parnell, who naturally in the lead up to Christmas were jam packed with bookings. As a last resort I had someone else remove my gels, which was a necessary but HUGE mistake. Damaged beyond belief, they looked as crappy as I felt.
On the upside, around the same time I was sent a bottle of one of FABY’s new nail care treatments to try, and the timing could not have been better. They are now looking so good that I have been going au natrel ever since, and loving every minute of it (I’m still seeing Kiely for pedicures of course, it is summer!).
FABY already had a line of nail care treatments, but recently added two new, revolutionary nail care products to it designed to strengthen and rehabilitate brittle nails and, for the first time, hydrate and restore the structure of ageing nails.
The first is FABY Nail Refix, which is a healing treatment for brittle nails that split and show what the company cutely calls “little vigour”. It’s like rehab for nails, as in a 3-week daily application regimen so nails will become consistently strong and resistant to breakage. It uses a combination of Vitamin-E, Vitamin B5 and a 5-Mineral Complex to empower the growth of more resilient nails, along with streaks and white spots getting the heave ho. Apply it just once to clean nails and notice immediate hardening, apply once daily and get ready for your strongest nails yet.
FABY Nail Renew is the other formula, a unique anti-ageing treatment that combines technology and nature to contrast imperfections, plus restore and hydrate nails. A multi-performing product, it delivers seven benefits in one touch. It is formulated with Hexanal, a powerful technological agent that regenerates nail structure and works with the Keratin-like peptides that bind to the natural keratin of nails to prevent them from future breakage. Argan and baobab oils nourish the nail bed while Vitamin-E with Violet Extract are included for their anti-oxidizing and hydrating properties.
For a tru healing treatment, apply two coats of Nail Renew everyday for three to four weeks. When Nails are restored to a healthy state, apply once or twice a week as maintenance therapy and a base coat for your favourite polish. Amazing! Now I’m dying to try their cuticle treatments to keep mine looking fresh – if they are anywhere near as good as these I am on to a winner!
These babies are available at selected salons nationwide and RRP $32.00 


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