Love it: label.m Texturising Volume Spray

I make no secret of the fact that I am a HUGE fan of BIG hair, and love a bit of texture added in for good measure. I’m also a big fan of dry shampoo and always have at least three cans on the go, so when I heard that label.m had released a sort of hybrid of the two I was beyond excited.
The product in question is label.m Texturising Volume Spray, which the company promises “will see even the finest of freshly washed manes transformed into towering beehive’s á la Brigitte Bardot”. Sounds good to me!
A super versatile styling spray combines the texturising benefits of a dry shampoo with the hold of a hairspray, it is an absolute godsend for those like me who like their hair on the larger side pretty much straight after a wash. I have dark, thick and rudely healthy hair, so a wash sees it super shiny and soft but often unable to get any oomph in there. That’s where this baby - dubbed “backcomb in a can” - steps in, delivering an instant, long-lasting root lift for height, grip or drama - whatever is required.
I find that with this beauty a little goes a long way, and that for winter I’ve been using it a lot for textured updo’s and the like. I can see it really coming into its own for summer waves though, and will definitely be taking it with me to Bali in a month no question.
It’s also a cinch to use - just spray on after a shake approximately 10-15cm from dry hair. Like dry shampoo I’ve been applying it fairly evenly and concentrating on the roots, while massaging it in a bit with fingers to create the desired effect. Perfection!


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