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Anyone that follows me on Instagram (mshelene99) would know that I am a huge fan of Bird & Knoll - their scarves are the ultimate in highly practical, beautifully affordable luxe, and I have begun a collection that I know I’ll still be head over heels in love with for years to come.
A truly Trans-Tasman duo, Bird and Knoll are Natalie Knoll and Macayla Chapman, an old work mate of mine from many years ago. The pair is a match made in heaven, and have created some truly original and coveted pieces that seem deceptive in their simplicity. Earlier this year they launched a successful debut collection of luxurious cashmere-blend scarves, and have now followed it up with an equally inspiring Spring|Summer 14/15 collection - 'Tea, Sugar and a Dream'.
Natalie, the photographer in this creative team, says that they have introduced more colour with the new collection, which “drew inspiration from the exotic jewel-like hues that you find in places like the markets of Peru or the bazaars of Istanbul". The collection’s name 'Tea, Sugar and a Dream' is one of Knoll's travel anecdotes. "It's how a local taxi driver in Istanbul taught us to say ‘thank you’ in Turkish" she explains: "Teşekkür ederim ... just like tea, sugar and a dream". The new collection is most definitely an absolutely stunner, featuring more designs for their scarves that have been described by Harper's Bazaar as a “failsafe travel accessory".
The collection also includes a range extension: canvas pouches printed with their iconic photographic images. Like the scarves, the pouches are designed to be a multi-functional accessory, perfect for taking your bits and pieces to the pool, phone and keys to the beach or as a casual evening clutch for those island getaways when all you need is a lippy and cash for a cocktail or two.

I’ve been using my scarves on colder days to keep warm and as for a wrap inside on cooler evenings out, but come late August I’ll be taking them to Bali for an in flight snuggly and rather gorgeous sarong, and I can’t wait. I already have my eye on a few beauties from the new collection too, so chances are my luggage will be at least 50 per cent Bird & Knoll - and I wouldn’t have it any other way!
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