Beauty news: Linden Leaves receives NATRUE International Natural Certification

Lots of brands out there spend a lot of time peddling their ‘natural’ claims, most of which involve a little trickery here and there AKA ‘greenwashing’. To be sure that your pick of brands keeps everything above board always look for an official certification - one of the most stringent of which is NATRUE.
NATRUE is an international natural and organic certification body that have one objective - to strengthen the consumer’s trust in Natural Cosmetics. They have a strict criterion to ensure that all certified products adhere to it. The application process takes up to a year as they thoroughly test products for pesticide residues, endochrine disruption chemicals, hydrolates, fragrance allergens and of course are stringently against animal testing, sharing a fundamental belief of harmony between people and nature, joining forces with like-minded organisations to protect nature and our planet’s biodiversity.
So… it is with great fanfare that New Zealand’s own Linden Leaves have announced their own, brand spanking new NATRUE Certification, officially helping consumers to make informed choices about the ingredients of the products they are putting on their skin as well as being a trusted ‘natural’ brand. “Receiving the NATRUE Certification endorses the integrity and care that has been paramount in our product development over the past 20 years,” said Brigit Blair, Founder Linden Leaves.
And what does NATRUE Certification guarantee? The likes of no synthetic fragrances and colours, no petroleum-derived additives like paraffin, PEG, -propyl-, -alkyl-, et al, no silicone oils or derivatives, no genetically modified ingredients (complying with EU organic regulation), no animal testing and loads more. So in conclusion - go forth and fill your bathroom with Linden Leaves people, you know it’s good for you!


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