Love it: CHANEL Vitalumière Loose Powder Foundation SPF15

Very soon CHANEL is launching a foundation that is both a fluid and powder. Yep - you heard me right and probably wondering, “how does that work?” Well it does, and reportedly very well thank you!
The combination of soft focus powders, uniting small polymer microbeads and two different sizes of cellulose microbeads, Vitalumière Loose Powder Foundation fills surface irregularities and instantly smoothes the skin. Imperfections are diminished and skin texture is evened out, whilst still keeping things soft and natural. On first glance, it looks like a powder, but here’s le pièce de resistance, once applied it has the look of a fluid foundation without that cakey appearance. It is also enriched with a softening Canola oil derivative, so the powder gives the feeling of comfort and protection all day long.
At the heart of its successful, all round brilliance is a new generation of pigments created by CHANEL’s R&D team that combine the satiny radiance of mica powder with the diffuse light of “High Definition Light” pigments. White pearlescent pigments with red, green and blue reflections (RGB) paired with small aluminum hydroxide “cushions” on their surface produce a soft and luminous reflection. The smooth and transparent appearance of the mica powder optimises the light reflection of the highlighting pigments to give you a real glow, and the formula comes in five shades with buildable intensity.
Oh and it comes with the most gorgeous customised Kabuki brush so it simply sweeps evenly all over the face.
LOVE it.


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