In love with: the incredible new ghd aura hairdryer

A few weeks ago now I was lucky enough to be one of the first people in New Zealand to be given ghd’s newest innovation to play with: the ghd aura. A hairdryer that totally knocks all the rest out of the ballpark, it was some of the most exciting beauty news in a long time that I’d been able to share… but goddamn it I wasn’t allowed to talk about it until now! So bear with me while I go crazy about how great the thing is!
A salon professional hair dryer that is available to the general hair-loving public later this month, it combines the power of drying and styling to give “effortless styling control with ultimate volume and shine to all hair types”. And does it? You bet, and then some.
Developed exclusively by a team of styling specialists and scientists at the brand’s research and development facility in Cambridge, UK, the aura is the first tool to offer styling benefits whilst it dries, making it easier than ever to achieve salon results at home. I was still head over heels in love with my ghd air hairdryer when I was given this beauty to play with, and honestly didn’t think they could get it any better - but they did.
ghd has created two breakthrough patented technologies to set the aura light years ahead of its competition. Called Cool-Wall™ and Laminair™ technology, in tandem they allow the user to experience a concentrated airflow for expert precision and a super shiny end result. The unique, patented Cool-Wall™ technology also creates a ring of cool air around the hot air, keeping the casing and nozzle cool to touch even after prolonged use, so the user can get closer to the scalp for stunning volume and amazing root lift. In addition, the next generation brushless motor means aura is smaller, lighter and quieter than her peers, which is a major bonus for professionals as well as us mere mortals.
I have hair that can be a nightmare to dry due to its thickness and ability to hold onto water, and this baby has it dry in well under fifteen minutes - ten even, if I use a microfibre towel. It also eliminates much of my hair’s natural frizz, and is so light to use that I don’t mind spending a little extra time if need be on my style. Amazing? You bet, and with extra time in the morning I can confidently call this release a “life changer”. Thanks ghd!
For stockist information call 0800 880 209, and the ghd aura has an RRP of $300.00


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