Love it: MOR’s Jardinière home fragrance collection

Coming complete with an invitation to “breathe in the fragrance of bygone times and relax in your own secret garden,” the always-incredible MOR have recently released their Jardinière Collection - and what a treat it is.
Inspired by the secret gardens and carefully considered conservatories of bygone eras, Jardinière features three luxe scents that are available as soy wick candles and diffusers. True to MOR’s usual modus operandi, the products are decadent and beautifully designed inside and out, and it seems almost a crime to remove them from their exquisite hiding places! 
With a burn time of 60 hours, the soy wax candle has a great fragrance throw and a 100 per cent cotton, lead-free wick; while the reed diffuser disperses fragrance continually for up to six months thanks to its quality blend of natural vegetable-based ethanols and the rattan reed sticks that perfume efficiently and evenly. Both come in gorgeous glass vessels that are finished with decals in the scent’s signature colour and, in the case of the reed diffuser oil, a glass stopper finished with a hand-tied ribbon and pretty fragrance tag. Too beautiful and very MOR.
The three fragrances are all very different but equally delicious, with La Serre a delicate evergreen offering, La Bohemienne a fruity-floral mix, and my personal favourite, Le Maroc, a spicy hit of Marrakech without the need to board a plane.
These babies make for the perfect gifting option but I say pick some up for yourself too - this collection is simply too good not to enjoy alone or with a friend!


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