Beauty destination: Lucy & The Powder Room for Autumn Hour

Despite many a protestation, if you live in the Southern Hemisphere then you’ll be well aware that Autumn - AKA Fall - is most definitely here. In the past I’ve tried to fight it but really there is nothing feel good about shivering in a bikini in the wind, so this year I am all about embracing change and all of the natural goodness that Autumn brings.
It helps that one of the first things I did was spend some time at Lucy & The Powder Room at Takapuna’s Department Store to experience their latest seasonal promotion, the Autumn Hour.
The Powder Room has decided to create “the ultimate package to get you fully rejuvenated, primed and nourished… just in time for the colder months,” and what a package it is.
It begins with a Synergie facial treatment tailored to what your skin needs at the time (in my case, a moisture-packed kick up the arse) that will give your skin a power kick with a cocktail of lipids, super charged bio-available antioxidants and a pumped up dose of vitamin C. I almost floated off into a bit of a nap in the process, coming to with deliciously glowing skin.
Next up I was off the table and out to the pedicure station, where an Epsom Salt foot soak was waiting for my tired out, post-summer tootsies. A scrub and a stimulating foot massage with Sans [ceuticals] Goji Cleansing oil later and I was all set for a nail shape and polish with Zoya’s beautiful nude tone, Avery.
I left feeling like a million bucks and seriously prepped and ready for a little seasonal change. To winter I say - bring it! The whole shebang will set you back just $110 for 60 minutes of bliss, after which you will be more than ready to face the elements. To find out more and for booking details call (09) 488 0585.


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