Love it: Ecoya’s new Celebration candle

I recently lost a close friend, and despite the awfulness of the circumstances I knew not long after that what I most wanted to do was celebrate her life. It was a life lived well, and some of her favourite things were great wine, seriously fabulous shoes and scented candles.
It was around the same time that I was sent Ecoya’s newest candle release - Celebration. The timing could not have been more perfect, and it was immediately put to work honouring an amazing woman.
The company created the beautiful white candle “to celebrate, commemorate, honour, congratulate, or create a memory anew”, and it is a wonder to behold. With up to 70 hours burn time, the breathtaking new candle is housed in an elegant, white cut glass jar and presented in a refined silver and white gift box with a simple ‘XO’ print and the timeless message ‘With Love’ highlighting the box. It goes without saying that it is made using natural soy wax and plant-based waxes, rather than the paraffin bi-product of the petroleum industry.  All of the company’s soy wax candles create significantly less carbon emissions than most other candles and offer a burn time up to a third longer, as well as burning cooler than other waxes. They also have candlewicks are made from pure led-free cotton.
The fragrance was created by ECOYA ‘nose’ and Master Perfumer Isaac Sinclair, and has the freshness of citrus and leafy green notes to create a warm, mossy floral heart, atop a rich, creamy base of Sandalwood, Vanilla, Balsam and Musk. It is beautiful and unique and I for one can’t get enough.
"Lighting a candle provides an opportunity to create those moments in time that are destined to never be forgotten,” said Sinclair, “one note of a half forgotten fragrance is enough to place us at the heart of every moment ever lived – be it birth, life, love or death.” Amen to that! I highly recommend you find a person, an occasion or a moment to celebrate with this beauty, and ASAP. Just gorgeous.
The ECOYA Celebration candle is in store late March. 


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