Love it: Brown Brothers Prosecco NV

Spending more than my fair share of time - lucky me! - in France and Italy over the years I’ve become a big fan of sparkling wines, in particular quality Prosecco-styles that have proved hard to get in New Zealand. Until now that is - with the arrival into my orbit of Australian wine legends Brown Brothers’ amazing Prosecco NV.
I was introduced to this little gem over a wine-matched brunch at Andiamo, one of my favourite eating spots in Auckland. The fare was absolutely stellar as was the company, and both being matched with Brown Brothers’ wines was the absolute icing on the cake.
Lighter, crisper and fresher in profile than traditional brut styles, Brown Brothers Prosecco is meant to be enjoyed whenever the mood takes you - their catchphrase is “Prosecco time!”, which is pretty damn gorgeous in my books. Prosecco is the name of an appellation in North East Italy as well as being the name of a grape variety.  The grapes are harvested early to get high levels of natural acidity and fresh crisp flavours, and Brown Brothers’ vineyards in the King Valley, Victoria, offer the perfect climate for producing Prosecco.
Prosecco NV is crafted to drink young while at its light and delicate best, and it can slot into so many times of day, meal choices and occasions that it is definitely one of the most versatile varietals out there. It complements food flavours that range from smoked salmon brioche to a Vietnamese chicken salad or an antipasto platter, all of which will fit nicely into my foodie repertoire.
Despite the fact that it’s officially Autumn - and we’re post-Cyclone Lusi - it’s still warm in the afternoons and early evenings, and this baby has definitely become one of my favourite ways to farewell the summer...


  1. Have been wine free for 2 months and after reading this I wanna Prosecco! Sounds delicious. M :)


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