Love it: Osmosis's truly magical Melt Away Gelee

When I go out at night I love a super bold, eye - perhaps a little too much at times! - and if I wear makeup by day often opt for long wearing formulas that will give me the least amount of grief and are about as low maintenance as it gets. The downside to both practises is the removal at the end of the day, which if done incorrectly, can stress the delicate skin around the eyes and undo all of the good work that you’re eye cream/gel is trying to get done.
A top-notch eye makeup is what’s required, but often those designed for industrial strength removal can be irritating on sensitive types like me. In the past I’ve experience eczema around my eyes too, so I have to be super careful what I use.
Thankfully, just in time for the party season I’ve discovered Osmosis Melt Away Gelee, a clever little pot of amazingness that does the job as painlessly as possible and in an insanely quick amount of time. Released as part of the Osmosis Colour makeup range, Melt Away Gelee glides on incredibly easily (just use a cotton ball or Q-tip) and you can pretty much sit back and watch the makeup slide right off - amazing! Finish the job with your favourite Osmosis cleanser (I love Purify after a day/night full of makeup) and watch your peepers glow… magic it just may be!


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