Beauty news: The M.A.C AIDS Fund donates $93,000 to local HIV organization

In time for World AIDS Day yesterday, the M.A.C AIDS Fund – M.A.C Cosmetics’ philanthropic foundation – presented Positive Women Inc. with a $93,000NZD grant on Friday to support their efforts in working with women and families living with HIV and AIDS in New Zealand. The majority of the grant will be specifically used to enable the community house, Rose House, to remain operational. Rose House offers services to women and families affected by HIV and AIDS in New Zealand and is essential for the organization - and for all who pass through its doors.
This is the ninth year that Positive Women have received funding from the M.A.C AIDS Fund, with
100 per cent of the selling price of M.A.C’s Viva Glam line of lip products going directly to the fund to benefit grantees. To date, the company has raised more than $235 million (USD) to fight HIV and AIDS internationally. Locally, M.A.C has raised over $1.6 million (NZD) for the MAF and has donated the majority of those funds locally to New Zealand non-profit organizations fighting the epidemic here in New Zealand.
“The M.A.C AIDS Fund is the heart and soul of the M.A.C Brand and our Artists continue to sell the Viva Glam lipsticks and lip glasses passionately. We take enormous pride in being able to sell our Viva Glam products, where every cent of the selling price is donated to the M.A.C AIDS Fund, knowing that the sales we make in our market go straight back to the local efforts in HIV education and prevention,” said the lovely Tanya Jackson, Brand General Manager, M.A.C New Zealand.
In addition to the grant, makeup artists from M.A.C Cosmetics in New Zealand put away their makeup brushes in place of gardening tools and cleaning products to participate in a company-wide volunteer effort to honour World AIDS Day. M.A.C artists from New Zealand pitched in to help Positive Women with a Spring Cleaning Day at Rose House earlier this week. This initiative, part of a worldwide effort involving more than 1,400 M.A.C employees, demonstrates the company’s longstanding commitment to the global fight against HIV and AIDS and strengthens the artists’ relationship with the M.A.C AIDS Fund and its many grantees.
Other M.A.C volunteer initiatives in New Zealand surrounding World AIDS Day this year will involve raising funds through red ribbon bucket collections, and makeovers for women affected by HIV and AIDS in Auckland. If you see them, please give generously x


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