Love it: ModelCo GRADUAL TAN Everyday Body Mousse

I am a MAJOR fan of the ModelCo tanning and beauty brand, seeking it out and buying it on trips to Australia before it - finally! - hit New Zealand. I love a faux glow (as pretty much everyone that meets me knows) and their GRADUAL TAN Body Moisturiser has long been one of my repeat buys - it’s simply the best on the market.
So, I was a little more than slightly intrigued when the Aussie Tanning Experts added a gradual tanning mousse to their iconic range - would it be better? The same? To be honest, I just can’t choose!
Designed for daily application, the beautifully textured GRADUAL TAN Mousse is super lightweight and non-sticky mousse, and it glides onto skin evenly and easily with a touch of self-tan so you know where you’re going. It has ingredients like Aloe Vera and Papaya Fruit to keep skin hydrated while it does its work, and it develops over about 6-8 hours into a really nice deep, natural golden brown. It's very easy to apply - I just used my hands at first and it was fine, but you do get a slightly better result using the recommended ModelCo BLEND BUFFING MITT for a totally flawless finish.
It is perfect for first time tanners or those looking for a more controlled result. Gradual tanners are fabulous for maintaining a pre-existing tan or for those who are not ready to go all the way when it comes to colour, and this is an absolute winner. Mousse or moisturiser? The choice is all yours!
I get mine online here.


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