Beauty news: the Facial Radiance glow hits the road

At this time of the year it’s almost too hard to get yourself organised for any kind of pamper time, and the chance of a reaction to products is not ideal when the party invite list starts ramping up and every minute counts.
One way to avoid all of the above is by having a facial of sorts executed without the use of any products at all, which you can do with Lynda Davenport. She and her magic hands go under the name Facial Radiance, and can be found in several inner city locations and also - as of this week - on the road as a service that comes to your home. Genius!
Lynda has been immersed in the field of Natural Beauty and Energy Healing for over 15 years. With an intense belief in the balance and flow of energy and how it contributes to our overall wellbeing, she has combined these principals into Facial Radiance for one very different beauty treatment.
The technique was first introduced many years ago by Stanley Rosenburg, who called it “Face-lifting Massage”. He was a firm believer that “your face is the mirror of your soul”, and that through the process of releasing our old facial tensions, we free up new reserves of physical, mental and emotional energy. Lynda has added some of her own flourishes to create Facial Radiance, which is essentially a treatment for your face, head and neck that reduces and prevents the ageing process, releasing stress dramatically and bringing your whole self “back into radiance”. She has told me that the main reason that your face will be really rather transformed after a few sessions is that “around 80 per cent of stress is held in the face and neck, which adds to the ageing process and interrupts the other processes in your body”. In other words, the likes of lines, furrows and sagging are the consequence of muscles that retain accumulated stress from a lifetime of events and emotions. When this stress is worked on and somewhat released, the blood flow to your face, circulation and lymphatic flow are increased, making for increased collagen production (the thing all of those wonder creams promise to do but don’t often deliver) and super clear skin.
The delicious treatment lasts an hour, and it will complement any skincare range and facial treatments, including the healing process post cosmetic surgery. It also helps Botox and fillers like Juvaderm go that much farther, and I for one can vouch that it’s just heaven to experience.
So what will you see after a Facial Radiance Treatment? After just one you’ll notice immediately how plump and toned your skin looks, which is amazing considering not a single cream or serum is applied. After a course you’ll start to see some long-term results, and with a head and foot massage to end each session it’s also as relaxing as it gets.
Head to Lynda’s website if you’d like to book in for a session at home, and vouchers also make for stellar Christmas gifts.


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