All about: Kismet Opulent one-night Body Bronzer

Called “liquid gold” by some fans, Kismet Opulent Body Bronzer is the first in the Kismet line to appear and is already gaining cult status everywhere it’s sold.
The creation of New Orleans-based Caitlin Picou, it is the perfect partner for the party season as it’s a seriously great “one-night highlight” that gives your skin a natural-looking, bronze glow without rubbing off on clothes or streaking - and having used it more than a few times now I can vouch for both!
Opulent is also incredibly quick-drying (five minutes in my experience), which is a major bonus when you’re in a rush and just need to get dressed and out now. It is also infused with aloe vera, chamomile and green tea to help moisturise and provide a luminous finish, and is non-greasy and pretty much absorbs before your eyes. It is great for topping up a spray tan for an extended faux glow, and also for filling in any tan lines that just aren’t working with your current sartorial choice. To remove, simply rinse it off in the shower - I use a sponge for any stubborn areas - and you’re all done. Too easy!  Oh, and it smells in-credible…
Kismet Opulent has an RRP of $39.00 and is available in New Zealand from Glamour Boutique.


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