Beauty news: essie is here, and even better than before

I have always been a big fan of essie nail polish and nailcare products, buying them overseas when I could and then on a regular basis when they arrived here a few years ago. To say that their Apricot Cuticle Oil is one of my all time favourite beauty products would be an understatement, and their famous Ballet Slippers shade of pale, milky pink is the ultimate nude.
Clearly I’m not alone in my adoration of essie as well - Kate Middleton chose to wear Allure to her nuptials last year, Lady Gaga paired Merino Cool with her infamous meat dress and Angeline Jolie adores Mademoiselle. The brand has been around for more than 30 years with good reason, and after L’Oréal took it on is re-launching with a larger range of shades, care products and wider distribution. Hurrah to that!
There are now 100 colour shades to choose from and L’Oréal is launching a new and improved formula. The new, thicker formula combined with a wider paddle-style brush means quicker application and a smoother finish, and I for one am going to be going crazy with it this summer when sandal season finally hits!


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