Love it: Kiehl’s Aromatic Blends Patchouli & Fresh Rose collection

Since they first opened their doors in New York all those years ago, legendary beauty brand Kiehl’s have been synonymous with beautiful fragrances - as well as some of the finest fragrance-free products on the market. This is in celebration of the former however, in particular the latest addition to the Aromatic Blends line of fragrances and skincare products that was launched last year.
The line draws on the brand’s apothecary heritage, commitment to natural ingredients and sustainable sourcing methods, and this year sees the arrival of the beautiful Patchouli & Fresh Rose. The new fragrance has been designed to “take patrons on a wonderful journey to the Brazilian forest as well as the grassy fields of Southern France, capturing the vibrant, woody scent of Patchouli and the fresh, petal-like aroma of Rose Centifolia respectively,” and it smells pretty damn good to me.    
The lineup also includes a body cleanser and body lotion for those that love to layer, with the cleanser formulated without sulfate-based surfactants and instead applying a synergistic blend of very mild surfactants to protect the skin’s natural moisture balance. The Patchouli & Fresh Rose Body Lotion (pictured) has been developed using botanical oils, butters and glycerin to ensure skin is deeply nourished, and although I haven’t tried it as yet I’m guessing it’s a winner. It has the same unique oil blend in there as my favourite Creme de Corps body lotion too, so hopefully will give the same heavenly result.
These new beauties hit the Kiehl’s counters on November 23, so get saving your pennies now.


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