Beauty news: Elle Health & Skincare’s Recovery package

It’s most definitely feeling like Spring today, which as well as being exciting is one of those times of year when a lot of us start feeling a little tired and in need of a pick me up both emotionally and physically.
Lucky for us then that the lovely team at Elle Health and Skincare are at hand, and have as their goal “to get you feeling and looking like the best possible version of yourself for summer”. In order to do this they have designed the Recovery Package, which is a course that has been expertly put together by their team to be of benefit “whether you want to shed some extra kilos, spruce up your immune system or simply feel fantastic”… I’ll say yes to all that!
The package will include:
Three Craniosacral treatments OR Two full body massages to relieve and release deep tensions within the body. CST also releases restrictions around the brain and spinal cord to enhance nervous system performance and allow the body to relax and self-correct (valued at $230).
Six infrared sauna sessions valued at $120. These assist with much needed Vit D production this time of the year, promote detoxification, improve circulation, speed up recovery from injuries, strengthen the immune system and beautify your skin.
A wellbeing consultation with their in-house Naturopath, Hope Pearce valued at $140. This is to understand more about your state of health and assess whether you may have any underlying allergies or imbalances that could be keeping you from optimum health.
The full range of Bestow Beauty products valued at $131. For complete digestive support, fuelling your body from the inside out and providing the essential building blocks for beautiful skin, hair and nails you cannot beat this beautiful collection!
All of this will set you back just $450 (total value $620), which is pretty amazing in my humble opinion…
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