Love it: Clarins beautiful new Total Cleansing Oil

Cleansing is always the first and one of the most important steps in my daily skin care regime, and the part of facials that I most enjoy. Call me creepy, but I seriously love having my face washed - true story!
But on a serious note, did you know that when skin is not thoroughly cleansed, lines and dullness around the eyes or mouth can start to surface? And that unremoved makeup on the skin can also reportedly increase the appearance of pigmentation? In addition, proper cleansing also increases the effectiveness of products applied afterwards, so choosing the right one is essential.
The latest formula I’ve fallen in love with is Clarins’ Total Cleansing Oil, a high performance cleanser that eliminates even the most resistant makeup and is enriched with a combination of two 100 per cent organic plant oils – perilla oil and olive oil.
Perilla oil (Perilla ocymoides), originating from Asia, is known in Japan as “shiso”. It has long been used for its aromatic properties and the medicinal benefits of the oil extracted from its seeds. It has one of the highest levels of omega 3 - essential fatty acids the body is unable to synthesise - and is known for its capacity to soothe skin irritation. Add to that the properties of olive oil, which in Ancient Greece was a forerunner of soap and used for a long time as an essential cleansing product, as well as a special ointment. It has widely recognized antioxidant and anti-dehydrating properties too.
So how does this clever oil feel? It glides on skin easily and leaves no oily traces, transforming into a fresh, milky emulsion when water mixes with it that helps carry away all traces of make-up. Faithful to its philosophy, the legendary Clarins recommends a Cleansing Method to heighten its effectiveness and sensorial gorgeousness on application:
1. Dispense 2-3 pumps of oil in the palms of the hands, then delicately apply to the face and neck.
2. Position the palms of the hands over the middle of the face. Then move out to the sides, 1cm at a time, lifting hands briskly off the face. This movement traps make-up and impurities and dissolves them, without irritating or pulling the skin. Repeat this twice on each area of the face.
3. Take a little water in the hands and move them over the face with light circular motions. This relaxes the features while the subtle aromatic notes of Total Cleansing Oil add to the sensation of relaxation. Rinse thoroughly with water.

This little wonder hits counters on August 26, with a - very reasonable I think - RRP of $49.00. Try it - I reckon you’ll love it.


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