Love it: Chanel Hydra Beauty Essence Mist

Chanel’s Hydra Beauty skincare range is all about natural hydration and protection, so your skin can recognise when it needs a little extra TLC and use its own resources to quench its thirst and protect itself. Its star ingredients are an exclusive little marvel extracted from the Camellia and an active principle extracted from Blue Ginger, which work together to preserve moisture levels at the heart of the cells and boost the skin’s own self-defense system. Add to that vitamins C and E for an energy boost, and one of the most delicious scents I’ve encountered in a while. The end result? Hydrated and beautifully plump skin, and a sensorial treat to boot.
One of the newest additions to the range is the Hydra Beauty Essence Mist, which now has a permanent place in my handbag and really does travel everywhere with me. Airy light, subtly fruity and extremely fine, it is the perfect boost for skin at any time of day - including over your regular skincare pre-makeup - and feels like an absolute treat to apply. Spritz the vitamin C- and E-infused mix onto skin before applying foundation to create a smooth, hydrated base, or mist it over makeup for a refreshing pick-me-up whenever you need it. I’m finding that it’s a great pick for when you’ve done time next to a heater or in air conditioning, or after heading out into the cold for a while when that ‘tight’ feeling hits.
The 50ml spray will be on counter June 30 too, just in time for winter!


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