All about: YSL Top Secrets BB Crème SPF20

I thought the buzz may have died down of late, but it looks like the BB Cream market in the West isn’t slowing down this year with major brands releasing their version of the overnight beauty must have.
The latest to cross my desk is the work of the wonderful YSL, and what a wonder it is! The fact that YSL launched a BB cream over a year after many other brands jumped on the beauty wagon threw me a little, but now it all becomes clear… After giving it some thought I’ve decided that YSL have just been biding their time; watching and waiting to wave their magic wand so they could see what they could do to make theirs one of the best BB creams yet and knock almost every other version out of the ballpark - and then some.
Containing Lily of the Valley to hydrate the skin, Vitamin C to brighten and correct any imperfections, plus Rose de Mai extract to soften and stop free radical damage, the ultra light formula offers a multitude of actions to benefit to your skin: correction, uniformity, moisturisation, radiance and protection. Phew!
Available in three shades internationally and two in New Zealand with an SPF of 20 and UV filters, this - like most BB creams - has been designed to adapt to many skin tones, although the Medium I’ve been using seems to be especially good for olive skin like mine that can look sallow and want a real lift. The Clear option is great for all skins, just adding a boost of luminosity where you need it and ideal for using before you pop on your foundation. For a natural weekend look use either option alone with a little concealer, and always start by warming a small amount of the product between your hands before spreading it as much as possible to blend perfectly. Beautiful!


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