Get the look: Miranda Kerr at the 2013 Met Ball

This year the red carpet at the Met Ball was most definitely a hit and miss-type situation when it came to both fashion and beauty looks, but those that looked good looked seriously amazing.
The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Signature Fashion Event, The Met Ball is watched by millions around the world so it is no wonder that celebrities pull in the big guns to make sure their already-god given looks truly shine. Supermodel mama Miranda Kerr was no exception and had her hair styled exclusively by Los Angeles-based hair stylist David Keough - using Davines - for this year’s big event.
He thankfully supplied a ‘how to’ not longer after the big event, and the rundown for this retro-tastic look is thus:
1. While hair is wet, create a deep side part. Use Davines For Wizards № 8 Quick Setting Hard Gel throughout the hair to create a solid hold.

2. On the side opposite the direction of the part, create two sections and French braid each section parallel to one another, wrapping them down around the head. Tapering down to the nape, tie them off and tuck them under the rest of the hair. 

3. Apply quite a bit of the gel mixed with the Davines For Wizards № 3 Universal Mattering Mousse throughout the rest of the hair as it creates longevity for keeping the looks. 

4. Layer with Davines OI/OIL for ultimate shine.

5. With the remaining unbraided hair, blow dry with a round brush.

6. Using a 1-inch curling iron, separate and curl large sections. Pin them up and let hair cool down, while makeup gets done.

7. Pull the hair out and spray roots with a bit of Davines For Wizards № 14 Sea Salt Primer, for a bit of lift and blow dry a touch.

8. Finish off with Davines Defining Invisible Hair Spray to lock the look in.
Just gorgeous.


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