Love: Chuan Spa’s Heavenly Jing Luo Foot Treatment

It was fortuitous that the Element of the Day was Earth when I visited the Chuan Spa at the Langham Auckland to try their brand new Heavenly Jing Luo Foot Treatment. Earth targets those who are anxious or stressed, so was perfectly in line with the way - tragically - that I’ve been feeling of late.
The Heavenly Jing Luo treatment was unleashed globally on May 1, so I was pretty excited about having the chance to give it a whirl. I also absolutely adore foot massages, reflexology and the like, and the Auckland Chuan is always on my list of ‘happy places’ and has been since it opened its doors.
Specially designed by Dr Gladys Leung, Chuan Spa consultant and a registered Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner, the new treatment has been created to help guests restore energy and relieve muscle tension by stimulating circulation along the meridian channels (jing luo) and specific acupressure points.  “The human body has 14 meridian channels that supply qi (energy) to the organs and systems,” she explained when it was launched. “When I created the Jing Luo Foot Treatment, I specifically sourced for an effective way to promote qi, strengthen the immune system and maintain a healthy equilibrium between the mind and body.”
The experience began with a warm foot bath, which was the perfect to way to ease into the treatment as the weather outside the doors of the spa was cold with sleeting rain and the greyest skies that Auckland had experience in a while. I straight away felt the tension melting away, and by the time I was asked to hop up on a warm bed I was more than ready for the bliss to begin.
Prior to the treatment commencing, the therapist placed a herbal stone thermal bag on my lower back to warm the body and facilitate the healing process, and an eye bag across my face to slow the senses. My feet were then be wrapped with a TCM herbal mask that consists of ai ye (herbal medicine for conditioning the liver, spleen and kidney channels) and mineral salt. The mask not only regulates the liver and kidney channels, but also relieves rigidity of the muscles, stimulates the circulation of qi and blood along the meridian channels, and nourishes the skin and detoxifies the body. Phew!
Next up the massage began and I swear I fell almost immediately to sleep - it was pure heaven. Around 60 minutes later I came to and felt like a million bucks, and highly reluctant to leave! But alas, life must go on… and I will be back.

The 90 minute Heavenly Jing Luo Foot Treatment is available at Chuan Spa right now and costs $165.00 for an individual or $310.00 for a couple.


  1. Now a day body spa is more popular from massager. Love chuan spa is the best spa center any spa center.Sometime i go there take healthy foot spa massager .Spa give me redress and pain free in my body.


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