All about: Uberlash serum

Already a huge hit internationally, Uberlash arrived in New Zealand recently and has already been kicking up the kind of buzz only reserved for beauty products of the life-changing kind. An eyelash growth serum, it has entered a pretty crazy market for all things eye and lash-related, but definitely sits in the camp of those - like Latisse - that live up to the hype.
I’ve been using Latisse for about four months so passed my Uberlash sample on to a friend to try, and at the eight-week mark she is pretty damn pleased with the result with good reason. An early study reported that 72 per cent of total evaluated subjects using Uberlash “exhibited an enhanced appearance at a median timeframe of 4 weeks with the average person having a 65 per cent increase in lash length”, which is no mean feat. And no matter how brittle, short, fragile, thin, or sparse your lashes are, the clever formula will not only lengthen your lashes but strengthen them as well. It thickens your actual lash diameter along with boosting volume and length, all the while moisturising and conditioning to prevent breakage and thinning. It also helps stimulate follicle cells to promote new hair growth, so is great for older women whose lashes are starting to grow noticeably sparse or even, for use on brows.
Testimonials on the website claim that difference in your lashes can be glimpsed at around the two week mark, but my friend says that hers didn’t start to really do their stuff until around four weeks, and are now looking damn impressive.
You apply the formula once per day in the evening to upper lash line, and as per Latisse and other quality lash enhancers, you need only a small amount of product each application, so use sparingly. You apply it with the supplied applicator brush in a thin line along upper lash line only at the root area (as though you are applying liquid eyeliner), and if you use eye makeup remover prior to application, rinse the eye area with warm water to neutralise and wait until eyelashes are fully dry before applying product. For brow application just swipe serum evenly across each brow, and always allow the product dry for several minutes.
The fact that Uberlash is paraben-free and does not contain prostaglandins (an ingredient in some eyelash serums that may cause side effects) gets a big tick from me, and you can pick up a bottle for RRP NZD$189.00 from a stockist near you.


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