All about: OPSM’s amazing new Accufit technology

As someone who has worn glasses for around 37 (!!!) years, I’ve seen technology evolve over time when it comes to both the fitting process and the lenses available, amongst a myriad of other things. It takes a lot to impress me, but OPSM certainly did when they invited me along to trial their brand new - very cool - Accufit technology.
Accufit technology has just launched around the country and is set to take the optical world by storm. A totally unique 3-part process, it makes choosing and fitting glasses more precise, informative and painless, the best thing? It's completely complimentary and exclusively available at OPSM stores.
In the past, when it’s come to comparing the look of one pair of frames with another I’ve had to either wear my contacts or press my face about an inch from the mirror (I’m that blind), meaning I might not have been able to see them very clearly anyway! Accufit includes the ‘Virtual Mirror’, which is a total godsend for the likes of me - or in fact anyone looking for a new pair of frames or sunglasses. It takes photos of you wearing different styles and then lets you compare up to four designs side by side on a computer screen - magic! You can even see how frames look in profile and from other angles, so you can pick the ones that suit you best. It also introduces the ‘Lens Simulator’, which shows you how lenses and coatings work, using interactive ‘before and after’ imagery so you can find out what you like.
Last but not least, it takes away the process of fitting your prescription into your lenses using a ruler, a felt pen and - hopefully - a steady hand. Accufit’s ‘Fit Sensor’ attaches to your frames to get precise measurements of your face and eyes. These measurements are analysed to determine the optimum placement of your prescription. The resulting fit is clearer and way more precise, which is a huge bonus in my book.
So, if you’re a glasses wearer then I highly recommend checking this killer new technology out - it will be a real lifechanger, and who doesn’t love some serious customization?
** that’s me above checking out my new Burberry frames - can’t wait til they arrive! **


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