Can't live without: my brand new, all good ghd Air

Any hair stylist that’s ever worked on my hair will tell you that it is an absolute b**ch to dry. Sometimes they call in the cavalry and have two extra pairs of hands on the go, whilst at other times they give their upper body an extreme workout flying solo.
Needless to say I hate drying it as well, and employ lashings of dry shampoo on a regular basis just to avoid getting it wet!
Well that all changed for me this past weekend when I christened my brand spanking new ghd Air – the now-legendary styling brand’s first salon strength hairdryer that “guarantees to blow all other dryers away”. Developed in conjunction with professional styling experts, the new ghd Air features a powerful professional motor and advanced ionic technology, delivering even my troublesome locks exceptionally fast drying and styling while reducing frizz like you wouldn’t believe.
As well as working like a total trooper, its specifically designed ergonomic shape looks pretty damn fine and it is insanely lightweight to use, meaning that the unintentional upper body workout is now a thing of the past. Using a combination of the highest heat setting and fastest speed setting, my hair dries in around minutes with this puppy, which is most definitely a first. It’s also a lot quieter than the majority of drying tools I’ve come into contact with (a bonus for those that spend their days in salons one would think) and the buttons on the reverse side of the hair dryer means that it’s totally ambidextrous. How thoughtful is that?
Arriving in New Zealand mid-March this is one styling tool I can no longer live without. The speed at which I can actually get my hair dried and styled in the morning is a massive bonus given how damn busy I am even at the best of times, making it a new-fangled beauty product I can honestly say has changed my life!


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