You need this: Karen Murrell's moisture.stick

You’ll all heard me rave about local girl-done-good Karen Murrell’s new range of certified organic skincare and natural lipsticks, which those in the know are going really quite bonkers over. I’ve been hard at work finding my own personal favourites in the truly delicious range, and my latest comes in the form of a seemingly rather humble lip balm. Called simply moisture.stick, it is a natural lip balm treatment conditioner that is pure hydration in a stick. This is the goodie we all need in our pockets or handbags as the temperatures drop, as it’s an absolute essential for keeping your lips looking great throughout the Winter.
Great to use overnight as an intense lip treatment, you can also apply it over lipstick as a lip-gloss and lip plumper. It also works a treat on unruly eyebrows, and I’ve been known to slick it onto my cuticles at times, too. It works by creating a protection barrier against harsh weather -hot or cold – by drawing on the properties of a unique set of ingredients. Candelilla, carnauba and beeswax combine to provide structure and adhesion, whilst jojoba gives a moisture hit and an emollient feel. The gloss comes from castor oil and avocado, evening primrose and calendula oil blend to deeply moisturise and condition. I love this little stick of goodness and can’t recommend it enough. Oh, and it looks cute, too!


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