Daily delight: Shellac goodness by Mardi Smith at The Nail Studio

I’ve never been one for manicures, being too damn fussy (one chip and it all has to go) and generally low maintenance (my nails are as short as they come) to be bothered with the fuss, and the expense.
Anyone who has read my blog will know that I absolutely fell in love with CND’s Shellac manicures however, the visionary new gel-polish-hybrid product that was created to be easy on and easy off, with zero mucking about in between. Shellac applies like polish, and removal is just 10-15 minutes with no filing and no drills. It is also UV cured, so there’s zero dry time and no chance of that hand going into your wallet and little too quickly and ruining the whole thing. It’s thin and flexible like polish, so it not only looks natural but provides strong natural protection and lasts a full 14 days of high shine gorgeousness. Since I starting rocking a full set of Fedora, super noir nails on a full time basis I’ve had no end of compliments about them, and part of that is due to the application skills of The Nail Studio’s Mardi Smith, who is a veritable artist when it comes to nails and damn good company, to boot. A Shellac removal with her also includes a quick mini mani too, so you know that whether you leave with polish or not, your nails are going to look great. I have been asked for this woman’s details too many times to remember, so it is with some fanfare that I’d like to let everyone know that her website has finally gone live! I recommend that you race over and check out her credentials online ASAP, oh… and get booking!


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