Daily delight: meet Dermalogica’s Precleanse

Today I experienced one hell of a great facial, courtesy of the really rather brilliant Jessica at Dermalogica in Albany. I’ve used selected products by the highly respected brand over the years, but never had a full Dermalogica experience, nor a detailed prescription written for my skin. I got both and then some, leaving with the best skin I’ve had in years – and that’s from someone who usually leaves even the most gentle of facials with a complexion akin to a fire engine. I parted ways with the more than capable hands of Jessica with clear, plump, baby soft skin, and long may it last! The product she used on me that I really fell in love with (there’s always one, oh dear credit card) was the first one she cracked open – the very user friendly Precleanse. A plant based cleansing oil that gently liquefies sebum (oil) and other oil-based debris from the skin’s surface, it is designed to give you a professional clean each night before your usual regime, and a very gentle one at that. I’m a huge fan of cleansing oils to keep skin’s natural ph in balance, and have used a fair few in my time. This one goes a step further than most though, as by adding water, the product and any other oil-based debris is readily rinsed away without leaving behind any greasy residue. First up, dispense into dry hands. Massage over dry face and eyes to dissolve surface oil and dirt, concentrating on areas of congestion or stubborn debris. Wet hands and continue massaging to create a light, milky emulsion. Rinse with lukewarm water. Next use your usual favourite cleanser for its own unique properties, without having to worry about any grubby old make up or sunscreen hanging around and interfering while it does its stuff. Magic! If you wear make up then this is a must for you, for a proper, gentle but deep down clean.


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