Daily delight: experiencing the BLISS Traditional Chinese Pedicure

Those who love reflexology in Auckland will be fans of BLISS, who were the first on the block and have branches all over town. I love a trip to their beautifully decorated premises to indulge in a regular session of Chinese Traditional Reflexology
or Traditional Body Massage,
and lately I’ve also become a big fan of their rather clever Japanese Stone Spa, which is one of the best ways to keep your circulation in motion this winter. This week however, I was given the chance to try their Chinese Traditional Pedicure, which was really quite impressive. Unlike the usual sweet smelling scrub and polish that most of us are used to, it’s really rather clinical, and all the better for it. From the time the gentleman entered the room I was ensconced in and began work on my feet with a scalpel, I knew that he meant business. My tootsies were softened up with a five-minute foot spa beforehand, but he still managed to remove a hell of a lot more dead skin that a cursory once over with an exfoliant ever would. My toenails were then trimmed and I was out the door in under half an hour. Called the “Paradise” version at this length, the pedicure is also offered under the moniker of “Nirvana” for a 50 minute long session. Sure I didn’t leave with a coat of polish and there was none of the frippery involved with the usual visit to a spa, but my feet really did look and feel amazing. Somewhere between a spa pedicure and a trip to a podiatrist, I totally recommend the BLISS pedicure for achieving what few spa pedicures ever could: brand spanking new, ultra smooth feet. I think a regular visit may be in order.


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