Morning glory: Tara Lynn goes nude for Elle

It seems like everyone’s talking about the April issue of French Elle – forever to be known as its Spécial Rondes – which was always bound to draw a truckload of attention due to its inclusion of plus-size supermodels. It features absolutely delicious US model Tara Lynn on the cover, and in a roughly twenty-page spread inside the magazine. It was the sheer gorgeousness of Lynn’s skin and hair that caught my eye though, as well as her finely contoured, nude make up look and on trend, ever-so-metallic, cocoa coloured nail polish. Her face is virtually flawless, and expert foundation application and a peachy blush have been used to highlight rather than smother her natural beauty. Her hair is about as luscious as it gets too, and once again, left to do its thing with just the bare minimum or intervention. Elle may have gone the plus-size route for any number of reasons, but still stay true to being uniquely Elle and featuring just gorgeous women, fashion and beauty. Love it.


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