Daily delight: new cleansers from Chanel

Chanel are one of the few luxury goods brands whose skincare and make up receive as much applause as their runway collections, and they are constantly updating their ranges with new generation beauty products. The latest of these are two beautiful new cleansers, Eau Douceur and Mousse Confort. Both – naturally – come complete with absolutely gorgeous packaging, but what’s inside is really rather fabulous too. Mousse Confort transforms into a rich, luxurious foam when it come into contact with water, ridding the skin of its impurities and effortlessly removing all traces of make up. Unlike many other foaming-type cleansers, it leaves the skin in perfect balance, and ready for anything. Eau Douceur is a no-rinse cleansing water, which is super light in texture and perfect for sensitive skins. It’s also great for travel as you don’t need water. Yummy stuff.


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