Daily delight: Nars Pure Sheer SPF Lip Treatment

I love Nars collections for their seriously incredible makeup formulations, which are rich in pigment and long on wear. I don’t usually associate the brand with more subtle looks though, until now. They have just released Pure Sheer SPF Lip Treatment, which is a dreamy little product that nourishes and hydrates chapped lips, while giving a sheer yet noticeable tint. Infused with SPF 15, the rich and creamy texture protects lips throughout the day whilst Wild Mango Butter, with superior moisturizing benefits, leaves lips feeling soft and supple, while repairing dry or scaled skin. Add to that Vitamin E, Polar Berries and Acai Oil to provide antioxidants and long lasting hydration for the lips and you have the perfect product for right now as I head into Winter. And because it’s Nars, Pure Sheer SPF Lip Treatment is available in six deliciously sexy and subtle tints – Aurore (seashell pink), Greta (mauve), Paloma (cantaloupe), Lara (pastel pink) Angélique (strawberry) and Bianca (pearl). Wear it alone or paired with your favorite lippy. Gorgeous stuff, and available right now at Mecca Cosmetica (my home away from home).


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