Daily delight: Elizabeth Arden’s INTERVENE Skin Tone Perfecting Capsules

As we get older our skin tone gets gradually more and more uneven, which can be the result of everything from accumulated sun damage to the pill and more. Topical applications of Vitamin C have been named as one of the best ways to help restore the skin to a semblance of its former glory, but I’ve found that a lot of products containing the wonder vitamin are in formulas that don’t agree with my skin. Some are oily and thick, whilst others are almost drying and a little flaky. Elizabeth Arden have come to the rescue however, with their all new, all pure INTERVENE Skin Tone Perfecting Capsules. These little beauties deliver a single dose of radiance-boosting pure Vitamin C while you catch up on your beauty sleep. Each pure Vitamin C packed preservative-free capsule works overnight, targeting signs of stress and sun damage and helping to reverse the look of their visible effects. The end result is that age spots are softened in appearance, discoloration is visually diminished, and even the dark traces left by acne scars seem less noticeable. Now THAT is what I call a nightcap!


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