Sometimes, nailing the perfect cat eye can feel like walking a tightrope between two skyscrapers. As in, the intense pressure to not f**k it all up is real! Okay I may be leaning towards the overly dramatic here, but it’s definitely true that the slightest bump or twitch can send an eyeliner pen flying in the wrong direction and force you to start over — even for people with super steady hands and tons of eyeliner experience under their belt.
Luckily, thanks to the makeup trends coming out of shows like Euphoria and on the runway, liquid liner has become more of a tool for fun than fear of late, encouraging us all to get a little graphic whenever we please.
Key to nailing a great graphic eye is the correct product, and thankfully MECCA MAX has extended its bestselling Zoom franchise with the launch of new Zoom Zip Liner Liquid Eyeliners, which are more than up to the task! A range of high-pigment, smudge-free dip eyeliners in a line-up of five bold shades, they are an open invitation to line and define your look whenever you please.
Mastering graphic looks in a flash, the latest addition to the Zoom eye range is all about precision, pace and pigment. Zipping smoothly over your lids, play it safe with inky black and chocolate brown hues, or take your statement eye future-forward with my favourite shades from the new drop: electric cobalt and bright coral.

Commenting on the Zoom Zip Liners, MECCA Makeup Education Manager, Hannah Daniel said these new liquid eyeliners offer customers a range of shades to achieve an array of eye-looks. “Whether you're aiming for a subtle everyday look or a bold graphic style, this eyeliner adapts to your creative desires with unparalleled ease. Catering to both the makeup traditionalist and the avant-garde artist - from classic blacks and browns for timeless elegance to vibrant and daring shades for those who crave a touch of excitement, there's something for every makeup enthusiast. The tip strikes an ideal balance between flexibility and structure, allowing for effortless gliding and precise control,” said Daniel.
I’ve had an advance play with them and absolutely love the on-the-go ready truncated size and killer colour payoff, and with a price point of $25 NZD they aren’t a beauty purchase that will break the bank. Oh and did I mention the fact that they glide on like butter and have serious longevity?

Zoom Zip Liner Liquid Eyeliners land today exclusively in MECCA stores and online at and


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