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As a beauty editor, I’ve been sent a lot of products over the years that come with an embargo – ones that are simply too secret to talk about, or more of than not, have been promised to another publication for the big reveal. Usually they are a little underwhelming given the hype that surrounds them - but not the subject of my rave today, which sits most definitely in the category of ‘game changing’ and for many, ‘must have’. It has been torturous not being able to talk about this beauty but now I can - so please do read on!
Elegantly titled Supernatural Vitale Elixir, it’s the work of the inimitable Emma Lewisham, and comes with all the gravitas, high performance and serious R&D that entails. Four years in the making and officially launched globally today at the likes of Harrods, Liberty, MECCA and Space NK, it’s essentially a facial muscle relaxant that has been scientifically proven to reduce muscle contractions responsible for wrinkles by 91% after just 24 hours. Sound too good to be true? That’s what I thought when I received a sample a few months ago, but I was soon proved wrong!

The team at Emma Lewisham say they developed this formulation “for all our customers who have reached out asking for a product that would powerfully target their wrinkles and serve as a more natural-looking alternative to Botox. Our customers expressed a desire for a product that would give them noticeable yet natural-looking results that would empower them to age naturally”. All of this lead to the brand’s physiologist spending two years on the research and thinking behind the science alone, before spending a further two years working with specialised biochemists to develop the formulation.
Supernatural Vitale Elixir harnesses no less than 11 cutting-edge natural actives that each send signals to multiple cellular pathways of the skin, and it’s the dream for mature skin. The superior results come not from these individual ingredients alone but from the intelligent and precisely balanced combination of these fascinating ingredients, which enable them to work in synergy and trigger action across multiple skin pathways in symphony.
One of the unique ingredient complexes in this pioneering formulation is the aforementioned proprietary Neuropeptide Relaxant complex that inhibits the neural activity that leads to muscle contraction, thereby relaxing skin creases and dramatically reducing the expression of fine lines and wrinkles.
Also a must-have for older skin, the formula contains peptides in an advanced lipid delivery system. The Elixir uses a plant-sourced derivation of Human Tripeptide-1, isolated from wild-picked seeds of cedar trees to work with our skin’s reparative system to strengthen its underlying structure, so it works from the inside-out. This peptide forms part of a two-part messenger system alongside a bioactive collagen-boosting peptide, palmitoyl pentapeptide-4, to increase the skin’s collagen production. This peptide is then protected by gold particles (love!!!) that reduce its degradation by the skin’s enzymes, for superior efficacy.
If you apply this beauty morning and night, the brand says you will notice visible skin-filling results within five to seven days. As per Emma’s instructions, I began using the product just once a day, building up to twice after a week or so which was when I really started to see things go to work. I’m almost up to three months of continual usage (morning and night application), which is when the results of the Supernatural Vitale Elixir compound, reducing the appearance and depth of wrinkles through fewer muscle movements, increased fibroblast stimulation, and the reduction of collagen breakdown, which strengthens the skin's underlying structural matrix. Pretty amazing huh?
The Elixir will not affect other cosmetic enhancements like injectables, rather, it is designed to complement them for enhanced results – making it a non-negotiable for anyone wanting their skin to be its healthy best into their 40s, 50s and beyond. Nearly every cosmetic doctor that I have spoken to has impressed upon me the use of powerful skin solutions as one ages, as even though they can help support the framework of the face with a little extra “scaffolding”, it’s up to the patient to ensure the exterior is at its healthy best for the most glow-y results.
So with all that in mind, if you’re in the market for a high performing serum to take your skin on a beautiful new journey as you age, I can’t recommend Supernatural Vitale Elixir more.


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