New year, fresher you? Let’s talk Profhilo

A few years I was lucky enough to visit the inspiring Dr. Ellen Selkon at Clinic 42 to try a brand new injectable beauty option known as Profhilo. From Italy, the Profhilo treatment provides an innovative and exciting new approach to anti-ageing known as “biomodelling”. This refers to the remodelling of the extracellular matrix in terms of elasticity and support, and clinical data confirms resulting improvements in skin texture, elasticity and hydration with an immediate tightening effect.
Beyond plumping cheeks and filling in lines, cosmetic injectable treatments have now evolved to achieve skin structural changes by stimulating the natural tissue and influencing fibroblast activity. Profhilo is at the forefront of this next-gen offering and its popularity has gone global with very good reason – and I was immediately a raving fan.
Often called the ‘Profhilo Glow’ or the ‘Profhilo Filter’ by fans of the treatment, stellar results have been seen in patients of all ages. Amazing when combined with Botox or dermal fillers but an incredible treatment all on its own, it’s no surprise that Profhilo is now the injectable on everyone’s lips.

So what’s in it?
The Profhilo formula contains an ultra-pure hyaluronic acid, the component of our skin responsible for retaining moisture. As we age, our natural production of hyaluronic acid decreases more and more by the year. Topical applications using quality products containing hyaluronic acid definitely help, but adding a treatment like Profhilo into the mix will up your skin game dramatically.
Uniquely, Profhilo combines both high molecular weight and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, which delivers a dual action that nourishes the dermal cells and actually remodels the skin. The combo is a first, and never seen before in an injectable product. By directly delivering unique levels of HA using patented technology, it hydrates from the inside out while simultaneously stimulating collagen and elastin production to tighten lax skin, change skin quality and eliminate crêpey-ness. Thanks to a thermal stabilisation process, the solution flows freely, integrating within the subcutaneous tissue and the dermis making it capable of rejuvenating areas that were previously a challenge, such as the neck, arms and forehead.
Dr. Ellen first heard of the Profhilo treatments at a conference in Sweden five plus years ago, so was beyond excited to be able to work with it once it arrived in New Zealand. “I’d followed the studies and was quite confident to start using it straight away,” she told me, “and the fact that it is so easy to use was an added bonus. We’ve all been blown away by the results we’ve achieved with it, especially on the neck which is such a difficult area to treat.”

What does it feel like?
I had my first set of ten jabs (five in either side of the face) on my first trip to see Ellen, the other around four weeks later. I have to say my first session was a little on the ouchey side, but the second was an absolute breeze. I had a few dots visible for around 24 hours following each treatment, but these were easily covered or well… ignored! The needle itself is fine; but there is a slight stinging sensation as the liquid is pushed under the skin. You can have anaesthetic cream for those pinpricks, but in reality they weren’t too bad at all.

Key to the Profhilo treatment is the waiting game, as it doesn’t deliver the kind of instant gratification that comes with most injectables. After my first session I definitely saw a de-shadowing of some of the more prominent areas of my face, as well as an improvement in skin texture and a significant reduction in my rosacea flares, which was a very pleasant surprise! Number two definitely upped that even more, with a definite hydration factor that can be seen and felt. I began wearing less foundation and to my eye, looked like I’ve just returned from a long, relaxing holiday.

The takeaway
The always-inspirational Dr Catherine Stone from The Face Place is another major fan of Profhilo, and what it can achieve, telling me: “What I love about Profhilo is that it is natural - made from thermally bonded Hyaluronic acid - and gives really natural looking results. There is no way you can look ‘overdone’ with Profhilo, and in fact, the research is showing that more regular treatments give cumulatively better results. I really like it for face, neck and chest and now, with Profhilo Body, we can use it for dry or crinkly skin on the upper arms, above the knees and on the tummy as well!”
I’ve since had a Profhilo Body treatment on my décolleté with equally impressive results. A notoriously troublesome area to treat that inevitably suffers sun damage, I could not believe the plump, dewy results. Next on my list is my neck, another tricky spot to make any kind of difference to that Profhilo is apparently a great option for.
If you’re looking for the aforementioned plump, dewy goodness, I can’t recommend this treatment more. Perfect if you have a special moment coming up or just want to look like a fresher, glow-ier version of you, Profhilo could be all you’re looking for and more.


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