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Towards the end of last year I was lucky enough to visit Biome Beauty, a sublime, serene boutique beauty space in the heart of Titirangi. I was there to meet Rebecca Spencer, experienced facialist and the creator of Biome Perfecting Oil, a product that had come across my desk just a few months earlier.
“During 19 years as a skincare expert working with and for esteemed global brands, I identified that there was something missing within the 'noise',” she told me, so seven years ago the dream to create something very special of her own first took flight.
Based on clean, premium ingredients, Biome Perfecting Oil is a one-step night-time routine designed to deliver major results – and on pretty much all skin types. Rebecca had been dealing with problem skin of her own since she was a teen, and as her fascination with effective topical solutions continued to grow over the years, the passionate aesthetician developed more and more of an insight into what works – and what doesn’t. “As a skin expert with vast and varied experience, I learnt what is needed to create healthy skin, and had a good idea of what people were looking for when it came to skincare.”

Rebecca (above, how gorgeous is she?) had always wanted to create a true “super-product” that gave people the skin of their dreams, so enrolled in a small business course and started obsessively researching skincare ingredients. “I already knew the kind of product I wanted to make, but this product needed to be perfect. In my role as a skin expert, I often get asked, ‘If there were one product I could use that would make a real difference to my skin, what would it be?’ This quickly became the whole premise of Biome Perfecting Oil.”
I love the fact that this product adheres so beautifully to the philosophy of skinimalism, and the fact that it can treat fine lines, acne, scarring and more? Such a bonus – and one that has seen so many skin’s transformed in just a short amount of time. This is largely due to the inclusion of Granactive retinoid, which is at the heart of the formula.
Granactive retinoid is an active compound and a derivative of Vitamin A - one of the most studied ingredients for preventing and reversing the signs of aging and photo-damage in skin. But compared to many other retinol derivatives, this one is biologically available and provides a high dermal delivery with minimal incidence of redness, peeling, or irritation. Stimulating skin cell proliferation, helping to reduce collagen breakdown and restoring skin’s elasticity and suppleness over time, it really is the key to a brighter, more luminous complexion. Add in a bunch of yummy hydrating ingredients and you have Biome Perfecting Oil – a worthy addition to every skincare routine IMHO. After trying a few different things with it, I have personally found it to be brilliant as a hydrator used alone at night over the past few humid months, sinking in beautifully and allowing me to set aside time for a little facial massage before bed. You only need around three drops as well, meaning a little bottle will most definitely go a long way.
So yes, I’m an unabashed fan of this no-nonsense, hard working little miracle oil, and think you will be too.
You can find Biome Perfecting Oil online here.


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