It’s getting hot in here: why I love to sauna, and the beauty of Found—Space

If you follow me on Instagram (@mshelene99) you will know I am a shameless fan of regular infrared sauna sessions. I rave about them relentlessly, and with everyone from athletes to models and everyday people like me getting in on the sweaty trend, you might be wondering why.
First, what exactly is an infrared sauna? An infrared sauna is essentially a wooden box equipped with infrared heaters that are designed to detoxify and heal the body, boost mood, and more. Unlike traditional saunas that feature steam or dry heat to warm a room, infrared saunas use infrared heat lamps in confined spaces to raise body temperature directly, and the type of heat you experience is very gentle. The latter is essential to me as I tend to run hot even at the best of times, and I don’t like the overheated, almost-claustrophobic feeling that say, a steam room gives me. In fact, an infrared experience for me is similar to lying in the sun on a warm day and feeling the heat radiate to the core of the body, making it super manageable for a 20 or 40-minute session’s duration.
Infrared is able to assist with myriad bodily concerns, and key to that is its ability to promote circulation in the body, which can lead to increased metabolism, muscle and joint pain relief, boosted immune system, and, of course, stress and fatigue reduction. Even after a very stressful day during a totally bonkers week (hello, the whole month of July for me!), just 20 minutes or so in a sauna will see the worries literally just melt away. It’s also crazy good for skin, plumping and getting bloody circulating without stressing it out, and with regular use you’ll definitely notice a difference.

Lately I’ve been lucky enough to have a small-but-perfectly-formed sauna of my own at home, from the Australian company Found—Space. Recently arrived in New Zealand but with a lengthy history in their home country, they offer some of the most beautiful, ethically crafted saunas I have ever seen or experienced, and along with that comes support from the company at every touch point, ongoing education and even a welcome pack so you kick off your sauna journey with a bang. Complimentary when you purchase a City Compact, Premium Range or Outdoor Barrel Sauna, it contains an Australian made essential oil blend by Rare Earth Oils that includes peppermint, cedar, narrow leaf ironbark, fir needle, neroli, rosemary and frankincense, two beautifully soft, breathable bath towels, reusable water bottles and a copy of The Health Supercharged Book, in which Found—Space CEO, Alex Tyson, shares health hacks and ways to use your infrared sauna for maximum benefit. The company are committed to helping their clients create a space for wellness wherever they are, and really do go a step beyond just dropping off your sauna and being done with it. A thorough consultation will ensure you get the right sauna model for your needs and your space, and it takes no more than an hour to install - magic.
I’ve been in my home sauna pretty much every day since it arrived, and just can’t get enough of that “sweating like crazy and feel amazing after” vibe. I tell people that although it’s one of the most relaxing ways you can break a sweat and burn calories, the heat can be particularly intense for newbies. It’s also not uncommon to sweat for up to 30 minutes following your session, and it some getting used to in order to feel completely comfortable in an infrared sauna. During my first-ever infrared session, while not unbearably hot, I needed to open the door a few times to let a breeze in. I also always take a bottle of cold water in with me – and hydrate before and after – and I’m all about putting on a podcast and soothing my brain while I heat my bod (my Found—Space comes with Bluetooth, which is such a great addition).
Anyway, if you want to harness that flushed, fresh-from-the-steam-room glow that we all strive for, a regular visit to an infrared sauna comes highly recommended. Even better? Having one at home – I am totally hooked. Oh and my at-home sauna comes with a remarkably small footprint in my home and on my power bill – yet another added bonus.
To find out more about Found—Space including their models and helpful tips and tricks, head to their website here.


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