Beauty review: Clarins Everlasting Foundation

Like lipstick, when the word ‘matte’ appeared before a foundation formula in the past you automatically associated it with oil control, but also a tight uncomfortable feeling that you just learned to put up with over time. However, like matte lipstick, next gen matte foundation formulas have emerged over the past few years that mean that just isn’t so. Matte can also be comfortable and hydrating, which brings me to Clarins’ very clever Everlasting Foundation.Billed as a “Hydrating Matte Foundation”, it is most definitely high coverage but comes with an ultralight texture and skincare ingredients that make it a joy to use. Rich in the likes of bamboo powder, quinoa and oat sugar extracts, it blends beautifully and works to conceal imperfections for up to 18-24 hours of easy wear. It also has a plant-based micro-patch extract that binds water to its surface while protecting it from dehydration, so you barely know you have it on.

I love that the formula offers a flawless face morning to night without creating a mask-like effect, and although it’s high coverage, you can play around with it, too. On weekends I like to apply it with a damp sponge that also thins it out a bit, building as I go. When I want a heavier coverage, I use a foundation brush and almost pat it on for a natural looking but flawless finish. I find with skin on the dry side I need to prep well with a rich moisturiser and/or primer before I apply this formula, but the extra step is well worth the effort. Oiler types will absolutely love it.
With 35 shades are available for the foundation and eight for the associated Everlasting concealer, everyone can find their perfect match. Especially now that they’ve added a clever new feature, developing a new colour classification system following five intensities: very light, light, medium, deep and very deep, as well as classifying your skin tone to match you with your perfect colour. Magic!

Clarins Everlasting Foundation is available now with the RRP of $68.00.


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